Thank you everyone who came and made the grand opening so special. Seeing all of you and having so much support made the event successful and memorable.

We spent a lot of effort on every single item even a tiny totem to the window display.  Finally, our first OR Concepts shop was born. We were really happy to share the wonderful moment with all of you. We hope each of you are able to find your favorite in our shop.

這一個多月以來設計圖上的線條、顏色到壁紙的圖騰和木頭的紋理;每一盞燈、一個櫃子、一面鏡子到油漆的筆觸和雨棚的高度,OR concepts的第一間概念店誕生了,感謝一起努力的夥伴們,也感謝來到店裡面的每一位朋友,有你們的支持真好!未來還需要每一位好朋友們陪同我們一起走過每一個階段,我們會更加的努力帶給你們更多不一樣更美好的事物!